Personal Training and Class Info (class times & prices)

Class times to be announced soon!  To schedule (individual or class) personal training sessions, please text (423) 773-5442.

Class times to be announced soon!

1-10 visits $10 per class

10 or more visits $8 per class



Can anyone participate?

Yes. These classes are designed for beginner and experienced athletes of all levels. No prior experience is required to participate.

Will Coach Goebel share his Games athlete programming methodology?

Coach Goebel uses the same assessment and programming methodology for every athlete he coaches. It should be noted that while Jeff has had enormous success as a CrossFit Games athlete, he has had the same success while competing in other sports throughout his career.

What will be the focus on group classes?

Group classes will focus on aerobic capacity training and overall strength conditioning. Using your body weight, and light barbells and dumbbells. The focus will be maintaining a heart rate for extended periods of time.

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