5 Ways Shifting Hormones Impact You

We blame a fair amount of teenage behavior on hormones. It’s no surprise, really. The hormones your endocrine system produces affect everything from your sex drive to your metabolism to your mood. When you’re a teen, shifting hormone levels can imbalance you. 

Unfortunately, that’s not just true for adolescents. While your body ramps up hormone production through your teenage years, it starts to slow hormone production as you age. And those shifting hormone levels can have just as much of an effect on you later in life as they did during high school. 

That’s why we offer hormone therapy at Genesis Family Healthcare, PLLC, in Johnson City, Tennessee. At our office, Joe Reid, II, PA-C, and our dedicated providers replenish your hormone levels to mitigate the effects of shifting hormone levels. With this treatment, we can minimize many of the major ways hormone fluctuation affects you, including:

#1: Changing sexual wellness

Women know to prepare for changing hormone levels with age. They anticipate the drop in estrogen and the resulting menopause. They may not, however, be ready for the other changes that come with it, changes like decreased libido and vaginal dryness.

Women aren’t alone in this, either. As their estrogen levels drop, men experience a decrease in testosterone. Low testosterone can lead to declining libido and erectile dysfunction. For both sexes, decreasing hormone levels take a toll on sexual wellness. 

#2: Poor sleep

Estrogen and testosterone aren’t the only hormones your body reduces as you age. Your melatonin levels drop off, too. That’s an issue since this hormone plays a big role in your sleep. If you’ve had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep recently, shifting hormones could be to blame. 

#3: Loss of muscle mass and bone density

Over time, your body slows the production of another hormone called growth hormone. This leads to a heightened risk of osteoporosis and contributes to a loss of muscle mass. 

#4: Mood changes

There’s a reason we link mood changes and menopause. As your hormone levels shift, they can throw your mental balance off. This issue isn’t confined to women, either. Men often experience mood changes as their hormone levels shift with age. 

#5: Weight gain

Because your hormones play a role in your metabolism, their fluctuation can affect your weight. Most frequently, as you age, the decreasing hormone levels in your body contribute to weight gain. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with all of these unwanted side effects of shifting hormone levels. To get started with hormone therapy and keep yourself balanced, call our team at Genesis Family Healthcare or make an appointment online.

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